I Love Private Label Products

Do you know why I love Private Label Rights?

If you do not know what Private Label Rights (PLR) is, then here is a very short description of what it does and how you can use it to build your network marketing business in many different ways.

PLR gives you the right to edit, brand and sell an E-book, Video or even software. The most numerous forms are E-books because it is very easy to create one and mass produce it.

Let’s just talk about the E-book format. You can sell someone else a Microsoft Word document and you can edit the contents. Let’s start with the author’s name. With PLR, you get to slap your name as the author of the book – let’s call that book “Network marketing survival tips”. You can change the title to “Network marketing survival tips by (your name)” or you can even hype up the title anyway you want like “The 10 essential network marketing tips any newbie needs to know by (your name)”

Does it sound easy? Does it sound and very cool if you can do something like that, my friend?

Not only do you get to customize the E-book anyway you want, you can also brand yourself as the author because the book is already 99% complete – all you need to do is to add in your name and Voila! Instant book you have there!

PLR will greatly benefit your network marketing business because branding is very important in order to succeed in that line of work. When you are ‘branded’ author of a book, immediately your credibility increases.

But another very important aspect about PLR is that it will let you tap into the power of viral marketing!

When you get your down lines to re-brand BOTH his name and your name, it allows you to do a double or co-branding in order to leverage on each other’s strengths – your down line’s relationship with their prospect (friend, brother, wife etc) and your credibility!

That shows the importance of working together in a team. So if everybody in your down line brands the book using both names, everybody will get to leverage on YOUR expertise and you will leverage on everybody’s CONTACTS. It’s a win-win situation at the end of the day.

It’s no wonder why I love Private Label Rights so much and if you really harness the power of PLR in your business, I’m sure you will too!