Creating Your Own Ebook with Private Label Rights

If you don’t like to write, or simply don’t have the time, then creating your own ebook with private label rights may be an ideal answer for you.

What are private label rights? Generally speaking, private label rights allow you to take an existing information product such as an ebook and change it’s content, give it a new title, and even list yourself as the author.

Of course, before you secure private label rights to an information product you will want to review the license to see what you can and cannot do – in other words, find out if the private label rights license comes with any restrictions.

Once you secure private label rights to an ebook, how do you make it your own “unique” product? Here are four ways:

1) Add your own content. If you’re good at writing, and are familiar with the topic the ebook covers, add your own content. You can add as many or as much content as you wish.

For example, let’s say you’ve just secured private label rights to an ebook about gardening. If you have already written several articles on gardening, you could include those articles in the ebook.

Another option is to add a “resource” section. For example, maybe you know of some gardening tool and plant care websites that your readers may be interested in – you can list those in your resource section.

What if you aren’t good at writing, or don’t have time? You can simply keep the content in the private label rights ebook as is. Another option is to hire a ghostwriter to write some content for you.

2) Combine content from other private label rights books. Another option is to add content from another private label rights products that allow you to do so – such as ebooks, reports, or articles. This is an ideal way to create your “own” customized ebook.

Using the private label rights gardening book as an example, let’s say you also have a series of prviate label rights reports – each one focusing on plant care for a particular plant. Why not include each one as a chapter in your new ebook?

3) Give your ebook a new title. Come up with a catchy title – a catchy title can actually help increase your conversion ratio when it comes to selling your ebook. If you need ideas, look at the titles of other books that are selling well – including your competitors.

4) Have a new ecover created. Once you’ve created your ebook, and given it a new title, you will want to create a new ecover for it.

You have two options here: Buy ebook cover software, or hire an ebook cover designed to create on for you. Both are good options, it just depends on which works best for you.

If you don’t have the time, or expertise to create you own ecover then you will probably want to consider hiring a professional ecover designer.
However, if you like the idea of creating your own ecovers and are willing to take the time to learn how, then there are some excellent ecover design software packages out there. But no matter which route you choose, make sure the end result is a professional looking ecover.

In this article you learned four ways to create your own unique ebook using private label rights. Hopefully you will be able to put these suggestions to work to sell even more copies new ebook!


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Private Label E-Books – Should You Buy Resell Rights Or Write Your Own

Today it is that age of science and scientific advancements. Science has opened many new areas where people, who fail to find any suitable job and make their career, can make their living pretty easily. They can also live with full sense of self-respect and dignity. This also helps those people as well who wish to make more money which could make their life comfortable. If you are also one of those people, then you can join the business of creating and selling e-books.

In the recent past, the popularity of selling and buying e-books has increased manyfold. People, now, have a better understanding of the concept and are now more conscious than ever before. Generally an e-book can be accessed and read on the computer easily and they are cheap as well. Nowadays, the number of people interested in e-books is increasing sharply; therefore it has all the required ingredients for making a successful business. If you are willing to make a successful career here and if you are ready to work harder, then there is no shortage of money for you on the internet.

If you don’t have any prior experience in this field, then you need some time to get accustomed to it. You also need the have a very strong command over written and spoken English. To make the e-books worth buying, most of them have at least one hundred pages while some have more than this as well. Another factor that affects the business of e-books is the quality of the e-books. The customers do not or will not buy any book which does not meet the standard. Though experience is not a very essential criterion for being a successful e-book writer, it is always desirable to have some experience in the line.

Writing an e-book is not the only thing you require as you also need to sell it the interested customers. Therefore, writing and selling of e-books are the two aspects of the e-book business. It is quite natural that in the process, you must be looking for some earnings also. The best way of making money in this business is to get the private label resell rights to another e-book. This right will allow you to work as your own, edit the content and put the money in your pocket. But getting the right of private label resell may be fairly expensive. The freelance writers engaged in this business make a lot of money every year to remain as the front runners in the business. This huge cost of on this process has both advantage and disadvantage. E-book authors who charge more for their labor naturally have created better content and it is quite natural that better content is much easier to sell.

Whatever your method of writing will be, whether you write your own writing or get the resell rights of others, you have to make an approach to the possible customer which is a time taking affair. That is the reason why many folks prefer buying the resell rights to an e-book that has already been shaped. This permits them to spend more time to market, which in turn creates more sales.

Resale Rights – Adding Value to Private Label Rights Products

Private Label Rights products are perfect for starting an online business specially when you are new to Internet Marketing and desperately want to succeed online.

There are three main types of resale rights:

1. Basic Resale Rights – allows you to sell a product as is without any modification.

2. Master Resale Rights – allows you to sell a product as is without any modification plus transfer of rights to resell to your customers.

3. Private Label Rights – allows you to modify the product and call it your own.

Some Private Label Rights products may also allow you to transfer the same rights to your customers and are called transferable Private Label Rights products.

Private Label Rights products are more expensive and most valuable. You buy a product and you can sell it for any price you want and keep all the profits for you. But you should be careful at least not to undervalue the product by selling it at a ridiculously low price. Most Private Label Rights products give you free control over the price to sell but some may have a minimum price set. Most of these products come with ready-made sales pages, squeeze pages, autoresponder emails and a download/thank you page. You can edit all of them and make them unique to you and your site. The more unique you make it, the better.

Private Label Rights can be the starting point for your own product. You may want to create an entirely unique product from Private Label Rights products by combining two or more products together and create a Private Label Rights package that is exclusive to you and your site. This gives you an advantage over every other site selling similar products by making your package unique. This uniqueness gives your package more value, making the customer likely to buy from you.

To add more value to your Private Label Rights products, you may consider the following:

  • Get unique graphics created. If you do not have the expertise needed to create the graphics yourself, you may outsource it.
  • Rewrite the sales letter. A good sales letter will definitely increase your sales potential.
  • Rewrite the product. Think of adding more value to the product by providing additional chapters to the E-Book.
  • Personalize it to your style. Give your personal touch so it may shine.
  • Add bonuses to increase the value. You may add any number of bonuses to increase its value. You may buy Resell Rights products and give as a bonus if the license allows it.
  • Add Audio or Video course. People like audio and video. So it is a great idea to include audio or video to enhance its value.
  • Add additional information the readers want. Make sure your readers get value for money and if you provide the right information for which the reader has come to your website, you may likely be making sales quickly.

Always check the license agreement that comes with your product for what can be done and what cannot be done. http://vampire.gamunity