Resale Rights – Adding Value to Private Label Rights Products

Private Label Rights products are perfect for starting an online business specially when you are new to Internet Marketing and desperately want to succeed online.

There are three main types of resale rights:

1. Basic Resale Rights – allows you to sell a product as is without any modification.

2. Master Resale Rights – allows you to sell a product as is without any modification plus transfer of rights to resell to your customers.

3. Private Label Rights – allows you to modify the product and call it your own.

Some Private Label Rights products may also allow you to transfer the same rights to your customers and are called transferable Private Label Rights products.

Private Label Rights products are more expensive and most valuable. You buy a product and you can sell it for any price you want and keep all the profits for you. But you should be careful at least not to undervalue the product by selling it at a ridiculously low price. Most Private Label Rights products give you free control over the price to sell but some may have a minimum price set. Most of these products come with ready-made sales pages, squeeze pages, autoresponder emails and a download/thank you page. You can edit all of them and make them unique to you and your site. The more unique you make it, the better.

Private Label Rights can be the starting point for your own product. You may want to create an entirely unique product from Private Label Rights products by combining two or more products together and create a Private Label Rights package that is exclusive to you and your site. This gives you an advantage over every other site selling similar products by making your package unique. This uniqueness gives your package more value, making the customer likely to buy from you.

To add more value to your Private Label Rights products, you may consider the following:

  • Get unique graphics created. If you do not have the expertise needed to create the graphics yourself, you may outsource it.
  • Rewrite the sales letter. A good sales letter will definitely increase your sales potential.
  • Rewrite the product. Think of adding more value to the product by providing additional chapters to the E-Book.
  • Personalize it to your style. Give your personal touch so it may shine.
  • Add bonuses to increase the value. You may add any number of bonuses to increase its value. You may buy Resell Rights products and give as a bonus if the license allows it.
  • Add Audio or Video course. People like audio and video. So it is a great idea to include audio or video to enhance its value.
  • Add additional information the readers want. Make sure your readers get value for money and if you provide the right information for which the reader has come to your website, you may likely be making sales quickly.

Always check the license agreement that comes with your product for what can be done and what cannot be done.

What Types of E-books Are Best – Writing Your Own Or Buying Private Label E-book Resell Rights

The rising demand for e-books has created a lucrative business opportunity for anyone looking for shrewd ways to make money. There are two ways to earn money off the rise of e-Books: first, you can write your own e-book and offer it for sale online and second, you can buy private label e-book resell rights and earn money off reselling it.

Writing an e-Book requires tons of hard work and loads of perseverance. Any e-book less than a hundred pages isn’t worth buying in many reader’s standards and other readers are even more fussy when it comes to getting value for your money. And ranting on for a hundred pages isn’t just enough, readers want quality reading! Writing hundreds of pages of quality work takes time, much experience and lots of technical knowledge.

Finished writing an e-book of good length and of quality material? Now, look for ways to sell your e-book. Writing an e-book plus advertising it is an awfully time-consuming process which is why many people opt to buying private label E-book resell rights instead.

Opting for such allows you to make profit out of selling e-books without having to do any of the writing yourself. Of course, this decision assumes you are only interested in making money off e-books rather than the creative input involved in it.

Buying private label E-book resell rights simply means you buy out the selling rights of an e-book created by someone not yourself. Aside from acquiring the right to sell it, you usually also obtain the rights to edit the content and credit the entire work to yourself. All sales acquired from selling the book go directly and only to you.

The bane about simply buying e-book resell rights is although you save much time, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money. Freelance writers usually charge expensive rates for buying the rights to their material but not without due, since they simply want to be compensated for the amount of time they’ve invested in writing.

Note though that writers who charge higher usually also produce content of higher quality which in the end could be worth it since high quality work is more profitable.

Both strategies of profiting from e-books still require marketing know-how. Marketing an e-book to the public is seldom an easy process. Marketing is difficult enough that most people opt to purchase resell rights to an e-book already created. This allots them more time to focus on simply marketing the e-book.

Using Private Label Rights EBooks to Promote Your Business

Private label rights eBooks are one of the best ways to promote your ideas online. You can sell the eBook under your name, or you can use the eBook as an addition to your main product line. There are many benefits to offering eBooks to customers, including the ability to draw in customers who are interested in your niche.

How it Works

Typically, private label rights eBooks are online books that are written by one person and then sold to someone else. The buyer holds full ownership of the finished eBook. They can use the finished eBook as is to sell or promote their products, or they can rewrite the book to their specifications. All of the profits made through the use of the eBook are the buyers, who usually only pays the writer a onetime fee for the finished eBook, and then uses the book in their future business.

This method of ownership is common when considering commercial products. Most of the things that you purchase have a name brand, which in reality has no affiliation with the manufacturer of the product. In fact, the manufacturer often makes the same product for many companies, each with their own unique name brand. If you are looking for a simple solution to writing an eBook, then private label rights are the answer.

Resell Rights

In some cases, you may be able to use your private label rights eBook to create a business that offers affiliates the chance to sell the eBook for a onetime fee. For example, you can offer to sell the eBook online to people interested in starting their own business. Once they have purchased a copy of the eBook, they can resell it for profit. There are many ways to use an eBook to make money online, but this is one of the most common examples.

Another of the main ways that private label rights eBooks are used is to provide consumers with research information on a specific niche. For instance, if you have a niche in holistic skin care, then you can hire someone to research and write the book for you. After the eBook is complete, you pay the writer for their services then use your personal brand to sell the book. Branding is most commonly done by simply adding you name to the eBook to build you personal reputation as an expert on the niche.