PLR Products – How To Profit From Private Label Rights Products

PLR products are a great way to accelerate your online success and generate additional revenue.

PLR stands for private label rights and when you grab private label rights to products, you can usually edit or modify the product, combine them with other products as a package or offer it as a bonus or to build a list.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But there are some problems associated with private label rights products.

1. Quality: For the most part, an overwhelming majority of private label rights products are plain junk. In such cases, you will have no benefit from these products except them sitting on your hard drive wasting space.

2. Omnipresent: Even if the product you purchased is of great quality, it may have already been featured all over the marketplace. Because others can buy private label rights as well, don’t be surprised to see the same product being sold for a few cents online.

So how do you profit from private label rights products?

1. Rebrand: First, rebrand your product. Most internet marketers do nothing with the private label rights products and second even if they decide to sell them, most of them don’t make any changes to the sales page or the end product.

This is where you can really differentiate yourself from the competition.

a. First change the title of the product.

Say the PLR product title was ‘Surviving An Affair’, change it to ‘Affair 911’ or something similar. Make sure that when you come up with a new title, there are no books with the same title.

b. Then design a new salespage and ecover.

Come up with a new salespage design even if you want to keep the same salescopy. This will give the product a different look and feel. You can also do the same by designing new ecovers.

You can get ecovers very cheaply designed at and for a new salespage design, you can look into WordPress Salespage theme like Optimizepress which is both flexible and easy to design.

2. Convert the existing product into other formats: For example, if your Private Label Rights product is an ebook, convert it to an audio book by having someone narrate the entire book and you can also convert it to a video course by creating video modules for each chapter using Powerpoint slides and a screen capture program like Camtasia or Screenflow.

3. Add extra chapters and fill the missing gaps: Usually a private label rights product does not cover the issues in depth.

This is where you leverage the private label rights product to your advantage by using the main product as a blueprint and research the missing chapters. Sometimes you may have to rewrite sections as well.

That’s alright, because it is much better than you having to start from first wondering what you should write on.

4. Repackage: You can also add other PLR products or your own products and combine them into a package to provide great value to your customers. This can also help you charge a higher price because it is no longer a single eBook but rather a comprehensive package.

Follow the above steps and I can assure you, you will be miles ahead of your competition.